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Let me introduce you to the True Food Kitchen Dream Team.

Michael Stebner, prior to his Executive Chef position at True Food Kitchen, was an integral culinary player at Fox

Restaurant Concepts.  Developing his skills with acclaimed chefs in the kitchens of many esteemed restaurants; was a career path with an ethical focus. Read more »

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David Guas was selected among America’s most gifted pastry chefs to create a dessert for O’s, The Oprah Magazine’s tenth anniversary. Inspired by the dessert traditions of Louisiana explored in his book, DamGoodSweet, Chef Guas created a spiced “Gateau de Bayou.”

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Rather than beginning with a chef’s place of birth and their journey to chefdom, I prefer to start with something unique, notable, and, well, just fun.

Executive Chef, Sheamus Feeley, the “ingredient king” holds “ingredient court” at Farmstead Restaurant in Napa Valley, California. To be precise, Sheamus “conducts court.”   Read more »



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